Fetish Friday 14

You’ve gotten the job! You have the opportunity to live in Japan for six months! Sure, you have to do other people’s laundry, but hey: you get to LIVE IN JAPAN.

You’re given your first client nearly as soon as you step off the plane. You get yourself ready in your uniform and are driven to the client’s house. 

When you pull up you notice how massive the house is. It’s beautiful and there are luxury sports cars parked in the front. You take a deep breath and hope the people aren’t too snooty and mean.

You knock on the front door and it swings open. The wind blows over his face and his hair flies around him like he is on a movie set.

If you had known that your first client was GACKT you would have at least put some perfume on and done something better with your hair.

"Hello." he says almost lazily. "You’ll be the one handling my…belongings I assume." he smiles.  

You nod and he steps aside for you to walk in, but your arm brushes against his chest and electricity shoots through your body. 

"The laundry room is this way." he gestures for you to follow him and you both walk down a long hallway coming to a door. Gackt opens it and you see maybe the biggest laundry room that has ever existed. "My clothes are there in the basket." he points but doesn’t take his eyes off of you.

"Ok." you smile, trying to be professional. "Thank you, I’ll take care of it." 

Gackt continues to stare at you. “You’re really beautiful, you know.” he says deeply, coming closer to you. 

Your breath gets caught in your throat and you smile. “Thank you.” is all you can manage. 

Gackt looks you up and down. “You know. There are a few other items I would like handled.” he says. You look up at him expectantly. Slowly he removes his shirt revealing his nearly perfect body. He throws the shirt behind him and smiles.

You feel heat in your face as he unbuttons his pants and begins to remove them, the whole time his eyes are on yours.

You look down for a moment and realize he isn’t wearing underwear. Dear god.… 

Slowly Gackt lifts his hands to the top button on your shirt. “Maybe you should wash these as well…” his hand slides down your neck. “it’s looking like it could use a good wash.” 

He slips his hands inside your shirt and pulls you against his bare body. He brings his lips to yours and you feel his warm breath against you. 

"Forget the laundry." he says right before meeting your lips.


AH! That one was fun to write! It was all inspired by this picture:

I hope you Cuties enjoyed that one!

Peace out!